Math 4 U was founded by Jorge Fregoso with the vision of helping students achieve their full potential in mathematics. Jorge graduated with a Mathematics Degree from San Diego State University and his passion for  math and teaching is what makes Math 4 U a perfect fit. Math 4 U believes that every student from K-12 has the ability to succeed given the right tutors and right learning environment. Math 4 U tutors have a passion for helping students who are struggling in math but more importantly, they promote a solid math foundation and confidence for future math success. Math 4 U does not simply tutor students with math homework but also promotes long-term empowerment for continued future success.

What We Offer... 


Math 4 U employs a comprehensive test that evaluates each student's strengths and opportunities for improvement. An appropriate starting level is then determined and an individualized learning path is created for each student. Progress is tracked and feedback is provided for continued development of student.




California Common Core Standards-ready!


Our comprehensive tutoring program, is prepared to embrace the new California Common Core State Standards by pro actively implementing the future requirements into our current mentoring program that not only meets the new state standards but teaches them with a focus on academic improvement and confidence building for sustained success in math.